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Memory Madness Another Simon Says game clone using 3D graphic
0 0   168
Chain Reaction This is more like a simulation than a game. The objective is to create as many chain reactions as po...
0 0   154
Shanghai Mahjongg Shanghai is another name for the classic Chinese game call Mahjongg
0 0   183
Frogitaire A classic solitaire games using frog as pieces. The objective is to remove all but 1 single frog
0 0   164
Tetravex Arrange the 9 tiles into the 3x3 grid
0 0   142
Crazy Boxes Click on the box to change the targetted box and its surrounding boxes
0 0   159
Tetrollapse Light Another alone of the classic Tetris game
0 0   147
Spore Cubes Explode cubed by clicking on groups of same-colored cubes.
0 0   149
Flower Frenzy Align at least 3 flowers vertically or horizontally.
0 0   165
The Mah-Jongg Key Remake of the classic Shanghai game with excellent tile set
0 0   156
Crashdown "Collapsed" clone - just click on the group of blocks with same colour to remove them
0 0   148
100 Maniax There are about 10 puzzles in this collection. Each puzzle have 30 pieces
0 0   143
Mood Match A 6x6 memory game
0 0   164
Hangaroo Hangman clone that hand a Kangaroo instead
0 0   142
Pearls Before Swine Try not to get the last pearl in this strategy game against the computer AI
0 0   175
World Domination Strategy game where 4 nations race to dominate the world
0 0   150
Cubik Rubik Return the Rubik Cube to its original position - the same colour tile on each face
0 0   150
Man In Black The objective of this game is to win the game by taking the last sphere
0 0   157
Cube Buster Clear all square as quickly as possible
0 0   154
Guess 5 Try to guess the 5-letter word in as few attempt as possible. Solve the puzzle quickly to earn bonus...
0 0   166

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